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        Jingmen Xing,an mechanical equipment Co. 
        Add:Wulipu Town, Jingmen City, Hubei Province
        Contact:13597938201 Mr Shen 

           Jingmen Xing,an mechanical equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2005, which is a privately-run enterprise specializing in designing, manufacturing and installation of cement production line. We have the right to conduct import-export business. Our company is located in Wulipu Town, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, China. Borders upon 207 National highway to the West. It is only 3 kilometers from access to Jingxiang expressway.The traffic is very convenient.Our main products consist of baggy dust catcher, bucket conveyer, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, flat conveyor, powder homogenization unloading equipment, air conveyor chute, bagged material loading machine...[ MORE ]
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        Address :Shayang county town residents' committees five miles five miles Telephone:0724-2422228 Fax:0724-2422228  URL:http://www.342915.com